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What is a favourite quote of yours and why?

“The path to diversity begins with supporting, mentoring, and sponsoring diverse women and men to become leaders and entrepreneurs.”– Denise Morrison

This is one of my favorite quotes because it emphasizes the importance of providing support of traditionally marginalized individuals if they are going to become successful leaders and entrepreneurs. Traditionally marginalized individuals do not start out on a level playing field as others so if they are going to reach their potential they need additional assistance in doing so. People can't pull themselves up by the bootstraps if they don't even have any boots to start with.

African American, Dark Skinned Woman, Loves to Wear Braids

What are three short pieces of advice you'd give to a new entrepreneur or startup?

1. Know your why. Why are you doing what you are doing? What is the primary reason you are starting your business and keep your vision in front of you so you don't lose your focus.

2. Identify your target population. Know who you want to work with and who you don't want to work with. Don't settle just for monetary reasons.

3. Identify like-minded people who are willing to be your accountability partners and meet with them regularly. Iron sharpens iron. You need people who are going where you are going or have been there and are willing to support you in your journey.

Tell us a bit more about your business and big vision.

Wilburn & Associates is passionate about leadership development and administrators who are committed to diversity, social justice, and authentic allyship. We want to increase the intercultural development of leaders so they can help their organization flourish by gaining the skills necessary to excel in a diverse and inclusive world. The programs offered by Wilburn & Associates, LLC are designed for individuals and organizations who are committed to diversity and want to move beyond performative advocacy and allyship to real action; have an interest in uncovering the biases and blind spots in themselves and their organization in regards to issues of diversity, equity and inclusion; and are serious about putting in the work necessary to bring about change and transformation. Specifically, our primary focus is:

• Black women and other women of color who seek to elevate their positions and become leaders in higher education or other organizations.

• Senior leaders and administrators in Christian colleges and universities

Learn more about Dr. Roberta J. Wilburn and Wilburn & Associates on their website, which opens in a new page:

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